Anonymous asked: This is happening! I've waiting a long time to read more of the interaction between all of you guys!! All of you magnificent people are amazing writers and I'm so desperate to read more about your stories!

//Ahhhhhhh, nonny! Thank you sooo much! This is an amazing compliment and it’s really made my day!! <3

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idrxs asked: Now, I'm not saying kill him but if he dies I'm getting a puppy. I'll name it after you. But also don't kill him. It's a very complex set of emotions. Part of me wants to rip you apart but other part also really wants a puppy. So.

I think now would probably be a good time for you to keep your useless threats to yourself, Idris. 

I don’t care.

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Doctor who countdown meme 
↳ 3 days till who: Favourite cast member - Matt Smith

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                               It’s hard not to hate.


                  When they break your spirit and take

                                                    pleasure in watching you bleed,

           HATE is the only feeling that makes sense.  

                            B u t     I     k n o w    what hate does to a man.

       Tears him apart; turns him into something he’s not.

                       Something he promised himself he’d NEVER become.

     T h a t ’ s   w h a t   I   N E E D   t o   t e l l   y o u ,

                           to let you know how hard I’m trying not to cave

           under the weight  of all the awful things I FEEL.

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Peter, showing “The Gallifreyan Ball” to the kids is nowhere near to be appropriate…

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Anonymous asked: christ on a cracker this thread is amazing!

//Hahaa omg that’s an interesting expression. Thank you nonny! <3

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Hello I’m Peter Capaldi who plays the new Doctor Who [x]
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+ Time Is Up +


Tenth’s anger and frustration was satisfying. Oh, he was so glad he didn’t give up this chance. His smirk grew in response, he took another step closer in defiance of the younger man’s orders. How far would Tenth allow him to come into his TARDIS? He was mere feet away from the threshold now.

"You have no leverage to threaten me with," the Interfector chimed almost playfully. "How do you expect me to take you seriously with empty threats? See, that is where you and I differ. I make threats that I can deliver.”

And then another step closer. A sudden and familiar sound erupted beneath his feet, his smirk fell, and before he could comprehend what was happening, a lightly translucent wall surrounded him. Properly, and truly without reserve, he was surprised. With widened eyes, he looked to Tenth, his expression slowly filling with anger.


Raising his hands up, he banged violently against the force field, the barrier shimmering as he shouted, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!!" A glare filled with daggers watched the younger man, his tightly balled fists still pressing against the translucent cage.

Once he got out of this, he would be sure to make him pay. This wouldn’t go without consequence.

The anger in the Doctor’s expression quickly transformed to one of gleeful amusement. It was over. He’d fallen for it, and he was going to make absolute certain the Interfector would suffer the punishment he so rightly deserved.

Taking a few steps closer, the joy in his expression only seemed to grow, “I’m doing exactly what you’ve done to me time and time again, Interfector— rendering you helpless.”

He tapped the tip of his index finger against the force field in a patronising fashion, “Blimey, but this was way too easy! You’re so bloody predictable, I should’ve done this ages ago!”

There was a darkness that crept into his features before he went on, “You’re going to pay now. Do you understand? For every single life you stole. For every rape. For every ounce of pain you’ve created. For that little girl you forced me to kill. Remember her?”

He paused for a moment, his expression hardening considerably, “Her name was Jamie. And for everything you did to Dawn, Liesel, Reinette, my parallel self…”

"And Michelle. Ohhhh, you just love taking it all out on her the most, don’t you? That’s my fault, in a way, I suppose, and that’s something I’ll have to live with. Because you know how I feel about her. But all of that is going to change today. So go on and tell me, Interfector, because I’m just dying to hear this bit—”

                                           ”—Any last words?”

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