my-patronus-is-a-cupcake asked: hello honey! i just discovered your blog and i had to follow you instantly! it is so great. and your theme is fabulous ♥

//Ahh thank you so much, my dear! I’m glad you like it, and I hope you continue to enjoy! ♥♥


Ahhh I missed the 11,000 screenie (because Dawn is amazing like that), but thank you sooooooo much everyone! And I mean every single one of you for getting me to this point! You’re all amazing and brilliant and wonderful and I love you all. Really, properly, honestly. You guys make me so much happier every single day when I log on.

I just can’t express how grateful I am to you guys. Honestly, when I started this account (and I know I’ve said it about a million times) but I really thought I’d end up with maybe a hundred or so followers. I never imagined so many of you actually liking my blog and/or my RPing.

So thank you guys!! You’re the best!


Pssttt guys he’s about to hit a huge follower milestone so follow follow <3

Dawnnnnn, what are you doingggg. Oh my goodness I love you. Thank youuuu. <3<3<3

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The Orange Spacesuit 3/

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Eighteen more followers until 11,000 of you brilliant, shining, amazing people whaaaaaaaaaat!?

go follow this amazing blog! seriously it’s one of my favourites and the best tenth doctor roleplay ever!

**Hugs** Ahhh what? omg you’re so sweet! Let me just love you forever. <3

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whenthingsfall asked: "I like your style of clothing, needs a bit more.... Pizazz..." Drake said, putting a finger on her chin in thought.

…….Excuse me!? My style of clothing doesn’t need any more "pizazz”, thank you very much. **His tone was defensive**

My style of clothing is brilliant.

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